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          Clock and Timing

          Whatever your complex timing requirements are, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of technologies, services and solutions to help you build more reliable systems. Our easily configurable quartz- or MEMS-based oscillators and multiple-output clock generators support a broad array of low-jitter and low-power applications. Our jitter attenuation products simplify design complexity by integrating the oscillators and discrete PLLs required for jitter attenuation and frequency conversion. We also offer the industry's broadest packet network synchronization portfolio, including ITU-T/IEEE® standards-compliant Digital Phase Locked Loops (DPLLs) for Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and IEEE 1588 based applications. To round out our portfolio, our clock and data distribution products include buffers, logic translators and multiplexers to provide you with a total solution for your clock and timing requirements.


          Oscillators Icon Learn More

          Clock Generation

          Clock-Generator Icon Learn More


          Buffers Icon Learn More

          SyncE and IEEE® 1588

          SyncE and IEEE 1588 icon Learn More

          Jitter Attenuation

          Jitter Attenuators Learn More

          Clock and Data Distribution

          Clock and Data Distribution Learn More

          Real-Time Clocks

          Real-Time Clock Icon Learn More


          Crystals icon Learn More

          Atomic Clocks

          Atomic Clocks Learn More
          Please email us at tcg_help@microchip.com for more information.