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          Clock and Timing

          Our extensive clock and timing portfolio delivers a one-stop shop for your complex timing requirements. Our oscillator products offer both low-jitter and low-power configurable products with the option of choosing Quartz- or MEMS-based resonator products. The clock generation line offers online configurability, single-chip and multiple frequency clock tree solutions. Our clock and data distribution product line includes one of the industry’s largest portfolios of buffers, logic translators and multiplexers, rounding off the portfolio and extends a true total solution for clock and timing products to our customers.

          timing clock icon
          clock timing
          • Crystal & MEMS-based
          • Ultra-low jitter < 200 fs RMS
          • Low-power, small size 1.6 x 1.2 mm
          • Configurable/multi-output
          Clock Generators
          • < 200 fs RMS Phase Jitter
          • ≤ 12 outputs, any freq., any logic
          • Crystal & MEMS-based
          • Online configurable
          Clock & Data Distribution
          • 2 - 22 outputs, PECL/LVDS/CML/HCSL/CMOS
          • 7.0 GHz clock & 10.7 Gbps data
          • Low-additive jitter

          Additional Clock and Timing Technologies Acquired from Microsemi

          With the acquisition of Microsemi, we now have a more comprehensive portfolio of timing technologies, services and solutions, enabling you to build more reliable networks and systems supporting today’s precise timing standards. The technologies we’ve acquired include synchronization systems and services, clock management, precision crystal and SAW oscillators, embedded atomic clocks, GPS disciplined oscillators and network synchronization ICs.

          ClockWorks Configurator
          Please email us at tcg_help@microchip.com for more information.