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          Get Started with Creating Wi-Fi® Smart Devices

          Accelerate adding voice control with Alexa to your existing application with the Wi-Fi Smart Device Enablement Kit. The kit allows you to use an Alexa-compatible smart speaker or the Alexa App to control the board’s General-Purpose Input/Outputs (GPIOs) to interface with your application, interrogate the sensors and change the LED colors. Use our open-source firmware, along with the open-source Lambda Functions and Alexa Skills, to create custom skills that will provide your customers with more engaging ways to interact with your application.

          Step 1: Order the Wi-Fi Smart Device Enablement Kit (AC164165)

          The kit includes:

          • SAM L21 microcontroller (MCU) pre-programmed with
            application firmware
          • ATWINC1510 Wi-Fi module certified for operation in US,
            Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea, China, India and Taiwan
          • Light, temperature and humidity sensors
          • 12 GPIOs for interfacing to your application
          • Power cable
          AC164165 Board Photo

          Step 2: Power the Board with a USB Cable

          Be sure to short the jumper shown in red below.

          AC164165 Board Photo

          Step 3: Register Your Kit with the Microchip AWS Cloud

          Go to aws.amazon.com to create an AWS account and configure the following AWS services:

          Step 4: Start Asking Alexa to Control Your Application

          Use voice commands with your Amazon Alexa device to control and monitor the Wi-Fi Smart Device Enablement Board.

          Voice Commands with Amazon Alexa Device Visual Representation

          Get the Documentation

          Documentation for the Wi-Fi Smart Device Enablement Kit can be found on GitHub.